Media Kit / Work with me

Media Kit / Work with me

Sonal Gupta - Author of simplyvegetarian777
Sonal Gupta – Author of simplyvegetarian777


Monthly Page Views – 30K average          Monthly Unique Visitors – 23K average   

Posts per week – 2 to 3        Subscribers to the Blog – 1K

Facebook – 6.7K          Pinterest – 760          Instagram – 1.5K+         Twitter – 972

Top countries generating Traffic in descending order – United States of America, India, UK, Canada,  Australia, UAE, Singapore and more.

Top Traffic Generating Social Media and Search Engines in descending order- Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Yummly, My taste, Instagram.

About the Author

I {Sonal Gupta} am the author of simplyvegetarian777. I am a bohemian at heart, Indian by birth, American by residence and Foodie by nature. Give me a dish from any part of the world {vegetarian, eggs included} and see me diving into it with all my senses fully exploring every element of it.

I create and develop recipes in my kitchen with passion, style and photograph the dishes uniquely, create original content and edit and publish on different social media platforms.

I am also a free-lance writer for magazines and have been published few times in different magazines and online forums. The latest feather to add to my achievement is – I am the Local Winner of a Cook Off organized by Pepsi Frito Lay at their Frito Lay Headquarters in Plano, Texas, to promote Frito Lays Chips Line in Local Community of Dallas, USA. My winning dish will be available to buy at Fun Asia (Richardson) for an year.

About the Blog

simplyvegetarian777 blog showcases – MTR Brand Instant Breakfast Mixes, Unilever Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea campaign in USA, Toffuti products, Nasoya Tofu products in the recipes, Lotus Foods product reviews. We have also worked with some Small Appliance and Kitchen Gadget companies to promote their new launches like Simpleware Flow Board. We are a proud contributor to Meatless Monday Campaign.

Simplyvegetarian777 specializes in creating and running exclusive campaigns for the companies in Food & Gourmet and Kitchen & Houseware industry. We work with every client closely, keeping in  mind their needs and approach.

We have worked with Asian and American companies and brands to promote their products successfully in Pan America and English speaking countries. MTR and Brooke Bond Taj Mahal are 2 great examples to showcase that.

Here are some of the links for review – 

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal , MTR Instant Dosa Mix , MTR Khatta Meetha Poha , Lotus Foods , Simpleware Flow Board .

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Our advertising partners are Gourmet Ads , Media Net , Chicory and Amazon to generate revenue and help the blog running.


Do not copy and paste any of the published work and images without prior consent. A serious legal action will be taken, in case of Content Theft & Piracy.


Get your brand in front of the targeted audience who are looking forward to try and test your Food, Kitchen and Home Products. Get hold of us if you want your recipes and products to be tried and tested and be put out in front of the audience. Contact us for Giveaways and Freebies to celebrate your new launch or line. Contact us for cross promotion opportuities.

Write to us at or with your requirements and proposals. We would be glad to work with you.

The Indian American Kitchen – simplyvegetarian777, is a registered business and look forward to partner with you for Quality Work & Mutually Beneficial Relationship.


Sonal Gupta

The Brands that I have worked with 

Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea




Lotus Foods
Lotus Foods


Meatless Monday
Meatless Monday











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