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Chana Dal Cutlets are super easy to make using leftover khichdi and repurposing it into delicious Cutlets. If you are looking for recipes that uses leftover food then it is a perfect recipe for you. #vegansnacks #glutenfreesnacks #khichdi #chanadalrecipes #cutlets #vegetariankebabs

Chana Dal Cutlets Easy Snack Recipe

Chana Dal Cutlets is a tasty and very easy vegetarian kabab recipe. It is perfect as a family & friends get-together snack. …

Aloo Bread Tikki

Aloo Bread Tikki (Potato Bread Cutlets)

Oops I deep fried again! 😁😮 I have a very good explanation to it. Believe me! The weather outside is wet, the …

Aloo Poha Tater Tots

Aloo Poha Tater Tots (mini cutlets)

Aloo Poha Tater Tots Aloo Poha Tater Tots make the Ideal Ultimate Breakfast / Brunch. Scrumptious, Crisp and Delicious. It was weekend and …

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