Pineapple Agua Fresca
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A popular chilled drink made from fresh fruits and water, from the land of Mexico.
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves: 8-10
  • Pineapple (ripe and fresh) - 4 cups, cubed or 1 average size pineapple peeled, cored and cubed
  • Lime Juice - ⅓ cup. You may use lemon juice instead. Use fresh or bottled juice.
  • Water (chilled) - 6 cups
  • Sugar - ⅓ cup or to taste. i used organic coconut nectar. You may use agave nectar or honey or jaggery, for that matter any un processed or less processed sweetner, if you want
Garnish 1 - some slices of lemon, lime, pineapple and orange. You can use all or any combination.
Garnish 2 - a mix of salt and red chili powder
  1. Take a good speed blender. Add cubed pineapple and 3 cups of water to it and blend it to a smooth puree.
  2. Now pass this puree through a sieve into a larger container. This step will separate the fiber from the juice. While passing it through the sieve, press it hard to extract all the juice.
  3. Now add the sugar, lime juice and remaining 3 cups of chilled water to the container.
  4. Stir well till the sugar dissolves.
  5. Take a pouring jug or decanter and add few slices of lime, lemon, orange and pineapple to it. Add pineppale juice to it.
  6. Let it sit for 5 -10 minutes before serving.
  7. You may also chill it more in the refrigerator.
  8. When serving, pour into glasses, thread a party pick with slices of lime, lemon, orange and pineapple, and drop it in the glass. Pour juice over it. Add the stirrer and serve.
  9. I added a pinch of salt and red chili powder in mine to jazz it up a bit more.
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