2015 – 12 month Photo Project with Patty Nguyen!

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When Patty finished her last year’s photo project, she threw this thought out at everybody to create a blogpost at the end of every month, which says something or anything about that month, already gone.

I join Patty in this 2015-12 Month Photo Project Journey and hope to see more people joining in. She says “No Rules”, but I think it’s her series, so I am going to link to her work for sure.

Find her inspiring Work from January 2015, here!

Mine starts here!

  1. My first published article in a lifestyle magazine in India.


  2. The Treasure collection from a Thrift store.


  3. Thought of putting my Spice Blends into a small home based venture. Trying to find some help on logo designing. Any ideas? This is my rough sketch.


These were the 3 developments other than my recipes in the month of January 2015. Would love to see what were yours 😀.

Check out Melissa Brescia’s January 2015 Photo Journey!


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  1. Hey! If it isn’t Patty! Whatcha been doing? Still taking photos, looks like 😀 God only knows I need extra help in that department. Don’t even know all those terms people keep asking me about! it’s getting embarrassing! Maybe I’ll learn from the pros, will keep an eye on the project! Thanks, hon, for the invite! <3

  2. Wow that is pretty awesome in just one month I mean seriously you have been busy. The article looks amazing and your finds well I just wish I could go shopping with you. As for spiced well you’re are pukka!! 😀

  3. I love Patty and am a big fan of her work, she is immensely talented. I also love this idea. Your collection of thrift store finds is amazing and I am so thrilled about your beautiful article in the magazine. You know I am your biggest fan and can’t wait until your business venture is up and running I am so happy for you and believe in your talent.

  4. Beautiful collections from your month of January, Sonal! If January is any indication of what else in store for you this year, 2015 is sure to be one heck of a great year!