Banana Bread and Walnut BonBons

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My family loves Banana breads, so much so that we buy bananas to only let them over ripe and use them in a good loaf of a banana bread.

I think it was too soon this time. I was hosting a party on Friday so thought of using the banana bread loaf in making these cute bonbons.

I am not going to share a particular recipe with the measured ingredients etc, but a general idea to bring them together.


What do you Need ?

Walnuts : 1cup or more, chopped coarsely.

A Banana Bread Loaf : For the recipe, click here or use this Recipe. You may choose any banana bread, store bought or home made, egg free or with eggs, nuts free or with nuts. You may use a plain chocolate or vanilla cake too.

Chocolate Ganache : I warmed 1/2 cup of heavy cream in microwave in a microwavable cup, for 1&1/2 minutes. Added 1 plus choco chips to the hot cream. Mixed them together with a fork till the chips were completely melted and the ganache becomes a thick sauce consistency. Bring to a room temperature for the use.

Putting it together !

  1. Take a big ziplock plastic bag. Add the sliced banana bread. Close and crush with your hands from outside.

  2. Now add the chopped walnuts to the bag. Mix them all together.

  3. Take the mix out in a big bowl. Line a baking sheet with butter paper or parchment paper.

  4. Now grab 1 tbsp full of mix and press between hands to make a tight ball. Finish the banana bread and walnut mix similarly. Place them on the lined baking sheet.

  5. Take one ball at a time and keep it on a fork. Dip each bonbon or ball completely at a time in the ganache cup. Take it out and put it on the lined baking sheet back at its place.

  6. Refrigerate for 2-3 hrs. Take it out! Spoon the ganache and drop a bit on top of each bonbon for smooth finish. Place them in mini muffin liners / boondi Laddoo liners :), for clean pick.

  7. Top with chopped nuts or sprinkles. Refrigerate for another 2-3 hrs and serve when ready!

Hopefully you will enjoy making these as I did! My guests loved it :). It’s okay to indulge in wine and chocolates at a party ;).

Taking these to Angie’s FF#38, co-hosted by Hilda and Juliana. I hope they like it as much as my family did.


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  1. Wow, this is great! I love that you can use any initial banana bread recipe. And, it’s a great way to mix up a classic baked good. Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend! 😀

  2. Fantastic idea to use banana bread and nuts to make the bonbons!! I must admit to buying bananas knowing that there will be a few left over that will be too ripe to eat but just perfect for baking!! Happy Fiesta Friday, Sonal x

  3. What a great idea Sonal! It is better than struggling to make cake pops! Mine quite often fall off the stick!:(
    This is clean and neat!
    I love it!
    Happy to interact with you here! Been missing you!:(

  4. Love these bite-sized treats for a party. Thanks for the instructions on making them – I can think of countless variations for different occasions.