Masala Spiral Bread (Whole wheat), egg free & vegetarian : Fiesta Friday Challenge #1

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This is my submission for Angie’s Fiesta Friday Challenge#1. This is a spiral bread baked with Indian spices and fresh cilantro leaves. I had been meaning to bake this flavor for a long time.

If you ask me for the inspiration behind this, then a famous and old bakery in Cannought Place, Delhi, India is the inspiration behind it. It is called Nathu’s. It is a culture in itself. I have had the best baked goodies from this shop and it’s franchises. This Masala Bread is one among those deliciousnesses.

Here is the link to check out some baked goodies offered by Nathus. The first one is Masala Bread! Mine was not the exact flavors of the bread but very fragrant and delicious in itself. I baked it with whole wheat flour and with my own guess of spices.

I pan grilled 2 slices with salted butter for my breakfast and DELISH is the word. I think I will bribe the bakers of Nathus when I visit India next time. Theirs is a loaf and I made a spiral bread.

This is a basic bread recipe which can be used in making spiral breads or buns or bread loaves. Also, you can flavor it with the seasonings or herbs of your choice.

Okay now coming to the business of recipe! Remember my post from yesterday of babycorn and jalapeΓ±o whole wheat pizza? I had kneaded a good amount of dough to make pizza bases and my bread. Divide the dough in half and used one half in the pizza and another half in making this gorgeous bread. If you use the mentioned amount, you will get enough dough for 2 loaves. Or half the recipe and make 1 loaf.

Masala Spiral Bread (Whole Wheat)

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: medium
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Kitchen Equipments Required :
oven, rolling pin, 9×3 inches bread loaf tins, a pastry brush to brush the bread or use your fingers :), cheese cloth or muslin, plastic wrap, a big oven safe deep dish for oven bath.

Ingredients for bread :

Whole Wheat Flour : 4 cups + 1/3 cup for kneading and rolling.

Sugar : 1 tbsp

Salt : 3/4 tsp

Instant Yeast : 7 gms or 1 tsp heap full. You may use active dry yeast and proof accordingly.

Warm water : 2 cups

Milk : 1 cup

Olive Oil : 4 tbsp + more. You may use any oil which is non- fragrance.

Ingredients for Spice and Herbs Mix : This is for one loaf
Garam Masala : 3/4 tbsp
Coriander powder : 1/2 tbsp
Salt : 1&1/2 tsp
Garlic powder : 1 tsp or 1 tbsp fresh and minced
Onion powder : 1/2 tbsp or 2 tbsp fresh and chopped fine.
Ginger powder : 1/4 tsp
Cilantro/Coriander Leaves : 3 tbsp, chopped.
Note : Put everything in the food processor and blitz roughly so that leaves can release some juice. Or just muddle them lightly with rolling pin or pestle and morsel. Don’t make it fine.

Method :

1. Take a big bowl. Add flour, salt, sugar, instant yeast to it. Mix them well. Make a well in the middle.

2. Add 2 tbsp of oil to warm water. Add this water and oil to the well made in the middle of the dry ingredients in the bowl.

3. Start mixing together. Add milk now. Mix everything well with your hands. It will be a batter consistency. Keep working on it. Add little flour at a time and start bringing the batter together in the form of loose and soft dough. While doing so, keep your hands moist with the oil.

4. Knead and knead more by pressing in the middle and expanding towards out. Then bring the dough from out to the center and repeat. Knead for about 10-12 minutes. Initially, it will be very sticky but the texture will improve as you add flour and oil and knead in the way as mentioned above. That incorporates air in the dough and helps it rise even with little amount of yeast.

5. Take a glass or plastic container/bowl. Grease it lightly. Transfer the soft dough to the oiled bowl and wrap it tightly with a plastic cling wrap or a wet muslin/cheese cloth.

6. Keep it in a warm place and let it proof for 1 hour to 1&1/4 hour till it doubles in size. I normally put it in my oven under the light switched on.

7. Now take the dough out on the clean work counter which is dusted with some flour. Press it gently without much pressure. Divide it into two portions. Use both to make loaves or use one portion for pizza bases and another for the bread.

8. Take the dough and roll it out with a rolling pin without pressure, into a squarish shape.

9. Now spread a good amount of dressing on the rolled out dough.

10. Start rolling the dough tightly. Again don’t press for pressure.

11. Roll and lay it in lightly greased bread tin with seam side down. Brush or dab it lightly with some olive oil.

12. Cover with a wet cheese cloth or muslin (not dripping wet). Let it rest for another hour or so till it doubles in size and expands more.

13. Preheat the oven at 375*F or 190*C. Fill the big and deep oven safe dish with water and place it on the lower shelf. The role of this water bath is that it lets the bread cook evenly. When it browns, it does not dry out from inside. Helps in retaining the bread moisture while working on good color.

14. Once preheated, put the bread tin on the upper shelf. Adjust the shelf to
Slightly higher than the middle position. No too close to the top though.

15. Bake for 40-45 minutes till the color is beautiful. Take it out and let it cool for 10 minutes. It is ready.

Storage : I normally store my breads when they are still warm, in brown bags initially. And then wrap it with plastic wrap while leave a corner slightly loose.

Some Serving Suggestions :
I pan grill my bread with little butter and enjoy it warm. You may use it for making sandwiches or just make toast in the oven with some salt n black pepper and olive oil. I would slather it some spicy Cilantro Chutney and gobble it down. Enjoy it crusty with a cup of hot tea!


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  1. Your bread looks completely amazing, Sonal! Oh, I can just imagine all of the gorgeous spices you have used for the flavour! Mmm, your kitchen must have smelled wonderful while this was baking! I really want to try your recipe! πŸ˜€

  2. I’ve almost missed it, how come??? Sonal this bread looks amazing, I bet the flavour from the oven had to be amazing, and the taste??? Even better, I guess. I’ve marked it, I want to try to do it! thanks for sharing!

  3. When I first saw the picture on Angie’s site I thought you made heart shaped bread! Wow – that would be something! Love all the spices – I bet they really made your bread delightful πŸ™‚

  4. I think you may have baked up a winner here, Sonal! Amazing spices to flavor, what sounds like, an absolutely delicious bread. I love the swirls! It must really help to disperse the flavors. πŸ™‚

  5. Strange that I haven’t had masala bread at nathu’s! This one looks perfect too. I love breads with swirls especially if they have garam masala and Dhaniya! πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful Sonal. I love the way your bread has risen. Spiced bread is a wonderful accompaniment with soup or even tea for that matter!

    1. Thanks Seana :). I feel happy to bring this to the challenge. The best part to this challenge that I am looking forward to is learning some unusual and gorgeous recipes and drinks through wonderful talented bloggers :).

  7. Whoa, Sonal! Only just a few months ago you were saying to me, ” I so suck at baking.” Yes, I have a memory like an elephant, unfortunately. You’ve been taking baking lessons from some where? ‘Coz this definitely does not look like something that’s been baked by someone who “sucks” at baking. To the contrary, this bread looks just wonderful! <3

    1. Angie :)))). Thanks fo rahe compliment. Coming from you means a ton for me.
      Eventually the yeast beast and I have become the besties now. It’s the baking powder and baking soda that give me a hard time. I am not a disciplined cook and always add my twists to things…..and baked desserts do not let me do that. The day I conquer that….I will be a happy cook :). But for that I might have to go to France…right?…ahhh…Paris. One day..some day!

  8. That bread does look delicious. I think Connaught Circus has changed since I was there, but it always did have the best food.

  9. Oh my gosh you’re killing me with your photos… Especially that one that just teases the eye with the right amount of char and melted butter… This is a fabulous recipe for Angie’s and Catherine’s very first challenge!! Lovely post, fabulous recipe, tempting photos!! <3