My First Published Article on "Dining Table Etiquettes in a Metro Formal Setting"!

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As far as my memory goes back, writing came naturally to me before I learnt to stir that spoon in the kitchen. As a child and a teenager, I wrote poems, proses, stories, made my own comic books, wrote plays for the neighborhood summer projects, directed them and it helped me to anchor myself as a person who wanted to express more.

The imagination had no limit and my parents and grand father were the force behind me. They encouraged, appreciated and critiqued my work.

In college, I was the youngest editor of the College Magazine. It was a proud moment. After college, life happened and I lost my pen somewhere and my writing was put on a huge hault. So much so that my husband and the friends of my adulthood didn’t know that I write, till I started the blog.

Blogging brought back my passion for food, sketching and writing together. If you ask me, sketching, how exactly? The artist in me, crossed the road from paper & sketch pencil to photography and slowly, I could see myself creating a scene, a display, an idea projection in my photographs for food blog. The wooden boards became my canvas and the props, the cutlery and crockery, the settings etc became my coloring tools in more 3-D effect.

I was happy and at the point when I was looking to give more body and direction to my work, Being Woman happened. They were looking for free lance writers on a common forum on Facebook and I raised my hand that “may be”, I can do it. Aastha, the sub-editor had been following my blog and said she already likes what I do so she would be happy to give me a chance. I sent the article and the pictures and the editor and sub editor loved it. It got published. A heartfelt gratitude to the Magazine and Editing Team for their confidence in me.

It was an overwhelming day for me. For years, I felt incomplete, feeling something amiss. The self worth is not about “how much are you earning” but for me, it is about “am I being fair to myself in the middle of being a wife and a mother?” Every woman has a calling! Believe me! It need not be compared with the fanning green bucks all the time. The contribution of any stay at home mom is huge. Choosing family over her career is not easy. But we all make choices and live with it. In the middle of it, it is important, not to forget to feed and treat the blue woman inside you.

Phew, if that is what the summary, I have written, then what would an essay be? ;). I stop here! I did pour my heart out today and here I am sharing the snippets of my first published work!






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  1. Sonal… I’m so happy for you!! Congratulations! How lucky that magazine is to have found you… just look at those gorgeous photos.. I’m trying to print the article up so that I can read it.. The table setting is absolutely beautiful..and the lasagna rolls are perfect with it! A standing ovation for you, my friend. Wonderful news! <3

    1. Thanks Prudy :). I am so humbled by your kind comment. I have the magazine pdf. Send me your email address and i will email that to you for better read. I am not aure of the print would be readable in the printout.

  2. Congratulations, Sonal!! Looking at the final piece, I wonder why you would ever doubt that it would NOT be accepted?!?! It is f a b u l o u s! Your photos are outstanding…such a gorgeous table setting too! (Off to click in to read the article now.) Bravo to you. <3