Super Bowl Collective of Vegetarian Appetizers, Dips & Desserts

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Katy Perry performed at the Super Bowl 2015 half time and when she sang “eye of the tiger”, the whole stadium roared with her. What a brilliant performance.

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We are hitting the corner for 50th NFL Super Bowl, on February 7th 2016. People will be tailgating at their homes, hosting parties, pooling in meals and cheering and roaring with their buddies and rooting for their favorite teams. Food is a huge part of any game celebration and no game is fun without some comforting finger food, appetizers, dips and desserts on the table. IMHO, this is the ideal party food of all the times. Nibble on finger foods, grab and bite, single serve kinda food. Easy, Mess free and no need of plates and forks, well most of the time :D.

I feel blessed that when I tagged my blogger community on facebook, many of them donned their aprons just for my collective and went out of their way to create a dish for the event. Doesn’t that sound exciting? I feel humbled. I would like to thank each and every participant of the event.

If you are planning a super bowl party coming weekend, then bookmark this link. There are more than 30 recipes and that too all vegetarian and on that note, I begin the virtual super bowl party….drumrolls please….

Bruno Mars performed at the half time of 2014 Super Bowl Finals and boy what a performance. One of my favorites of all the time. Keep the video rolling while you window shop through the recipes ;).

Appetizers & More



Prudy’s Mac & Cheese Bites are out of this world. Tiny bites of cheese and crumb coated mac, infused with harissa oil are going to be party favorites. For the recipe, Click here!

Piyali’s Garbanzo Apricot Dill Meatballs are filled with complex yet delicate flavors. I am sure these can be show stoppers. Fabulous substitute for Meatballs. Promise nobody will miss the meatballs. For the recipe, Click here!

Sonal’s (my) Parmesan Garlic Knots are buttery, garlicky, melt in the mouth tiny miny bread bites. No one can stop at one. For the recipe, Click here!

Anjana’s Baked Tandoori Tikka Cauliflower Bites will give any chicken tikka, a good competition. Don’t believe me? Just watch it yourself. For the recipe, Click here!

Shailja’s Pull apart Savory Monkey Bread is a magical flavorsome bread. She pulled it together with 3 different flavors and served it hot to please the crowd. For the recipe, Click here!

Simi’s Cheesy Garlicky Pull Apart Bread is another crowd pleaser. Gorgeously baked to perfection with melting cheese. Comforting bites of yumminess. For the recipe, Click here!

Suzanne’s Trio of Bruschetta is no ordinary bruschetta. She created this super gorgeous and elegant recipe, just to share for the super bowl. The magical combos of butternut squash and ricotta with honey, pesto with roasted tomatoes and parm are just mind boggling. For the recipe, Click here!

Swati’s Spinach Tortilla Veggie Bites are meal in bites. Isn’t that amazing? A finger food that is as filling as a meal. You gotta have something like this on the menu. For the recipe, Click here!

Khushboo’s Hariyali Kebabs are crispy, healthy and not fried. Can you believe it? No? You have to check out her recipe, to find out how. For the recipe, Click here!

Binjal’s 5 minute Microwave Potato Chips sound too good to be true. If you run out of the chips in the middle of the party, crank these up. For the recipe, Click here!

Sandhya’s Baked Vada Pav Poppers are super cool. They are wada pavs baked in a bun. Semi home made happiness is best kind of happiness. For the recipe, Click here!

Prerna’s Sprouts Papdi Chaat is something that will bring a good twist to all American lay out. Tangy, spicy, sweet, hot and delicious entry. For the recipe, Click here!

Suchitra’s Vegetarian Buffalo Wings are totally amazing. Cauliflower should be named as the Vegetarian’s meat. How versatile it is, clearly is shown in this recipe. i promise you will not miss your chicken buffao wings at all. For the recipe, Click here!

Uma’s Sriracha Pesarattu Pops Lentil Crepe is such a creative recipe combining 2 cuisines in a very amicable way. Her approach to the recipe is really interesting. For the recipe, Click here!

Radha’s Instant Masala vada is surely going to win you over. If you can make masala wada without the traditional method of soaking and griding, won’t you make it for your party? For the recipe, Click here!

Preethi’s Tofu & Brussel Sprouts Sliders are a vegetarian’s delight. Sliders without buns? How? For the recipe, Click here!

Sarika’s Veg Manchurian can make anybody go crazy and crave for more. I am a huge manchurian fan. Sticky, sour, sweet, tangy and spicy vegetarian balls are such a powerful party in the mouth. For the recipe, Click here!

Anshu’s Stuffed Mushroom Cheesy Garlicky Pull apart Bread is going to make your guests crave for more. It is super loaded. For the recipe, 
Click here!

Ritu’s Vegetarian Quinoa Chili is the right answer for the vegetarian chilli for the night. A game night got to have some chili. Right? For the recipe, Click here!

Sathya’s Soya Burgers are another dish on the menu planning for a meal in the bite. Serve them in hoagie buns or baguettes, it sure is going to fill the tummy. For the recipe, Click here!

Dips & Relish



Sapana’s Corn Salsa is the answer for all the chips. Just scoop some in your chips and crunch on the wholesome bite. For the recipe, Click here!

Sreelatha’s Tzaziki sauce is perfect to dip some oven baked pitas or some vegetable crudettes. A mediterranean dip is sure going to cool you down when surrounded with the heat of the game. For the recipe, Click here!

Parvathy’s RedClick here! Kidney Dip is packed with protein and some amazing flavors. I was so delighted to see this dip in the collection. For the recipe, Click here!

Simi’s Spicy Cream Cheese Salsa Dip is lip smackingly delicious. Easy to assemble and cheesy and hearty in taste. Just unbeatable! For the recipe, 
Click here!

Smruti’s Spinach Artichoke Dip is my all time favorite. The creamy and delightful dip is very pleasing in taste and goes so well with crackers and bread. For the recipe, Click here!

Khushboo’s Healthy Nacho Cheese Sauce is a keeper recipe. Cheesy with the goodness of carrots. Beautiful color. For the recipe, Click here!





Shailja’s Chocolate Chip Smores Dip is beyond wonderful. It is such a new and interesting dip which is dip and dessert both. 2-in-1. Indulging and Sinful… For the recipe, Click here!

Anjana’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Loaf Cake is a treat for sure. How can chocolate and peanuts go wrong together? I love the combo. Bake the loaf, cut the slices and serve. Added flavors are going to steal the guests’ hearts. For the recipe, Click here!

Loretta’s Miniature Lemon Cheesecakes with Gingersnap Crusts are just award winning. Look at the flavors combined. So complimenting. For the recipe, Click here!

Prudy’s Yellow Cupcakes with chocolate frosting is an ideal game dessert. Soft yellow cupcakes and chocolate divinity..yummmm… For the recipe, Click here!

Anjana’s Caramel Apple Cupcakes are so adorable and flavorful. Easy to execute and delicious n bite. For the recipe, Click here!

Apsara’s Nutritious Cookies, though sound nutritious and healthy but they are pretty indulging and awesome. For the recipe, Click here!

Prudy’s Raspberry Pockets are to die for. Raspberry filling and warm baked pockets with dripping oozing lush raspberry lava. aahh! seductive.. For the recipe, Click here!

Simi’s Chocolate n Coffee Mousse is rich and decadent. She has styled it so cuntry that you want to just grab that jar and spoon it in your mouth. For the recipe, Click here!

Sonal’s (my) Cinnamom Sugar Bites with Chocolate Drizzle are perfect to entertain a gathering. An almost no effort and easy to make recipe. For the recipe, Click here!

Sarika’s Berry Trifle Cups are a dream come true for all the dessert lovers. For the recipe, Click here!

I hope all of you found your picks for the super bowl game night… Let me know, what is on your menu from the above. Feel free to share. Many of us have worked hard to put this together.

In the name of Super Bowl Love, taking this collection to Meatless MondayFiesta Friday and Throwback Thursday . More the merrier.


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  1. Absolutely love this collection!! There is something for everyone!! Nobody can go hungry! Very nicely put together. Kudos to you Sonal for a job well done!

  2. What an amazing collection of recipes Sonal. And hats off to your patience and dedication to collect the recipes and create a super organized round up of recipes. – Sreelatha