The Bakes of the Holiday Season 2014!

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Here are some of my bakes from this season’s Holiday Sharings! I normally bake a mix and match of goodies to share with neighbors, kids’ coaches & teachers and friends!

  1. Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies from Suzanne’s (a pug in the kitchen) Collection.


  2. Ginger Snap Cookies, eggless from Shailja’s Collection. I used honey in place of molasses and used all spice and ginger powder only as spices.


  3. Butter Cookies from Mademoiselle Gourmande’s Collection. I skipped the eggs. Halved the quantities and used 1/2 tsp baking soda. My girls sprinkled them with colored sugar and they were ready! Not as pretty as Mademoiselle’s but festive for the kids :).


  4. Quiejo de Pao ( Brazillian Cheese Bread) from Swathi’s Zesty Kitchen. Used 1&1/2 cups of Mild Cheddar Cheese instead of Asiago and Parmesan. They were gooey! They were yumm! My husband often visits Brazil for work and had been asking me to make these since a long time. So today was the day…


  5. My Oats Chocolate n Nuts Biscottis, eggless!.


  6. My Classic layered coffee cake. This is going as a mini cake loaves for neighbors today :). Another big batch for today’s baking list!


My family enjoyed these delights! I hope you would too :).

Happy Holidays!

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