Tricolored Cocktail Tikkis, on the occasion of Indian Independence Day

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India enters the 68th year of Independence, since 15th August 1947. A very happy Independence Day fellow Indians.

An amalgam of Saffron skies on its head, White to cover its body and lush forests to its bounty, those are the colors on an Indian Flag : Saffron, White and Green!

In the honor, I have created Tricolored Cocktail Tikkis. Celebrate with a cup of chai and these cocktail tikkis (patties) with family and friends this year.

This is how you make it!
You need to make 3 kind tini-mini patties of 3 different flavors : Mint, Carrot, Paneer(cottage cheese).

Yields : 9 mini cocktail sticks (9 of each)

Kitchen Equipments Required : grater, 3-4 bowls, sautΓ© pan, oven, baking tray, foil.

Ingredients and Method :

For Carrot Tikkis
Carrot : 1/4 cup, finely shredded
Potatoes, boiled and grated : 1&1/2 tbsp
Salt and Garam masala to taste.
Method :Mix everything and bring into a dough. Make small patties, as big as the dent of the palm.

For Pudina Tikkis
Paneer/Indian cottage cheese : 1/4 cup, finely grated
Potato, boiled and grated : 1 tbsp
Dry mint : 1&1/2 tbsp or use dry Pudina chutney powder.
Amchur : a fat pinch
Salt and garam masala to taste
Method : Mix everything and bring into a dough. Make small patties, as big as the dent of the palm.

For Paneer Tikkis
Paneer : 1/4 cup, grated
Salt and black pepper to taste
Method : Mash the paneer and salt pepper very well. Bring it in a dough. Make small patties, as big as the dent of the palm.

Method :

  1. Heat the flat pan. Spray it lightly with oil or add 1 tbsp of oil to the pan. Spread it on the pan evenly.

  2. Put all the small patties in the pan besides Paneer patties. Cook 2 minutes each side on medium flame.

  3. Line the baking tray with foil. Cook paneer tikkis in the oven for 1&1/2 minute each side on broil/grill.
    Note : You must be wondering why I cooked paneer tikkis in oven? To retain the color. In the oven paneer cooks evenly and doesn’t brown that much.

  4. Now take a cocktail pick and arrange the tikkis in the order of green, white and saffron !

Do let me know if you try. This looks elaborate but believe me that since these are minis, these are done in one go in a pan.

Submitting it to Shruti’s Independent India Event !


Also, sending it to CaL’s #Freedommadness !


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  1. Totally love these, food on a stick or toothpick is so much fun and great for parties. Love the different types and flavors a little variety is such a great idea. I think I could eat a whole tray of them.