A Mango Packed Collection from my Blog!

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Mango season is almost half over in some of the countries like India. So I have compiled a collection of Mango recipes on my blog. Among all, mango kheer is contributed by Shobhnaa of femme haven and mango ice cream by Parul Gupta.

Here is the collection for all the Mango Lovers :).

  1. Mango Fudge


  2. Cinnamon Mango Shrikhand Pudding


  3. Mango Chutney


  4. Home made Mango Ice cream by Parul Gupta


  5. Mango Kheer by Shobhnaa


  6. Mango cooler / Aam Panna


7.Mango Salsa


  1. Mango Lassi


The collection also features my photography journey from the beginning of the blogging till current date, in a reverse motion. :).


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  1. Your collection of mango recipes look fantastic! Since I cannot get the luscious Indian mangos in Finland and only the hard “plastic” ones…how long should I let them ripen on the table…what do you suggest?

    1. My mom used to wrap the un ripe mangoes in a newspaper loosely and keep them in the warmer place for a day or 2. The mangoes would be ready. I would suggest the same but then keep checking on them. They should start changing the color slightly. Finland is colder than India :).