Almond Oats Chocolate Cookie, eggfree and a perfect breakfast cookie for your fussy child!

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Do you have a fussy breakfast eater? I have one! Aanya, my oldest is not big on the breakfast and the kind of mother I am, it is not okay with me at all! Yup, shakes I make sometimes but not always for breakfast. She normally drinks a cup of milk in the morning. That’s it! Some of you may find it okay but I need to feed her more since she has long days and she needs some good carbs to hit the morning right!

I had dry roasted some quick oats a few days ago and was thinking of some recipe to use these besides my Oats Poha! She doesn’t eat that either :(. I love almonds for the fact that they are so rich in nutrients and the required omega-3s. So I knew that oats and Almomds are falling in love together soon and they did today in a cookie. Is that too dramatic?

Well, I ground some almonds to make fresh almond meal. Then I ground the roasted oats to make fresh oats flour and my base was ready. I could not make it all healthy since it would show and my fussy kid would make a face at it! Added chocolate chips and voila the recipe was ready :). Isn’t that a work of a genius ? :). Sometimes you gotta pat your own back!

The texture was prefect! Ummmm…somewhat crumbly and chewy at the same time. I think I might want to turn it into a bar next time or bake some extra and make biscottis! It’s that good! Amit was working from home today and gobbled 2-3 at the same time while still hot!

Now roll to the recipe! There are hundreds of similar recipes but I promise, I didn’t copy :).

Ingredients :
Almond Meal : 1 cup full. I made fresh by grinding almonds in a blender with the nuts copping blade. You may use store bought. It is nothing but finely ground almonds.
Oats flour : 1 cup level. Dry roast the quick cooking oats and cool. Then grind them like almonds. Or you may use store bought oats flour. You may use in roasted as well!
Brown sugar : 1/2 cup +2 tbsp, packed. You may use regular sugar.
Baking powder : 1 tsp
Chocolate chips : 1/2 cup melted in 1/4 cup milk. Vegan friends can use soy or almond milk. Melt in microwave for 30 seconds and then mix well with a fork.
Salt : a fat pinch
Milk : 1-2 tbsp. My vegan friends may use soy or almond milk.

Method :

  1. Preheat the oven at 350*f. Grease a baking sheet lightly or cover with parchment/butter paper.

  2. Take a big bowl. Add all the ingredients together except 2 tbsp of milk. Start mixing gently with a fork. All the ingredients will start coming together. If the batter becomes very tough, add milk 1 tbsp at a time, just enough to loosen it and do not make it flowing batter.

  3. Now take 2 table spoons. Scoop the batter with one spoon and gently slide it on the baking sheet with another spoon. Flatten a but on top. Finish the batter likewise. Place cookies at least 1-2 inches apart from each other.

  4. Bake for 18-20 minutes. Take them out. Let them be on tray for 6-7 minutes. Then transfer them to the cooling racks.

  5. You may store them in air tight containers, after they have cooled completely.

Notes : I baked for 20 minutes roughly and had a crunchy chewy texture. If you like your cookies softer, bake for 15 odd minutes.

Enjoy with tea or coffee yourself and feed your kids for a quick height snack. You may use better sugars like stevia or coconut sugar or palm sugar which are less processed to make these more healthy. Add dried berries, coconut flakes and dress them more!

Have fun making these :).


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  1. Hi Sonal…Tried the cookies for the second time…both the time my cookies just end up like a spread sheet…where am i going wrong….I used weikfield baking soda…pls help. Thankyou.

    1. Aparna, give me sometime. Let me revisit the recipe and I will get back to you. None of the people came back to me with this problem. Everybody else actual made these successfully. I will get back to you for sure. :).

  2. Hi Sonal,

    I loved this recipe…Now oats can be eaten by my kid…Can u plz tel at what temperature did u bake the cookies?

  3. hi Sonal.. have been baking these cooking as per ur recipe.. n they always turn out to be d bestest n d healthiest thing in my cookie jar …. dont know what came to my mind and i swapped oil with butter n they r spreading like sheet n d oven tray .. can c d first lot getting spoint but want to save rest of the batter..please help..:(

  4. Hi Sonal, your recipe couldn’t have come at a better time as I am facing the no-breakfast crisis with my almost four year old. Thank you so much for posting this and your blog – your recipes are inspiring. I am a newbie baker, hence some questions: Do you think I could use cocoa powder for the chocolatey look and use a smaller quantity of chocolate chips? How much cocoa should I use in that case? Thanks in advance!

      1. Thanks so much, Sonal! I did use the same recipe and substituted half of the chocolate chips with cocoa powder – it worked wonderfully well. Next time, I’ll be trying the other recipe you mentioned!

  5. These look amazing. I’m not a big breakfast eater either but buy cereal bars to have round about 11. These seem infinitely preferable and I’m sure all my gang would eat them. Thanks for this creation.x

  6. Love these cookies, Sonal! I would eat cookies for breakfast if I had these in the house! I love how you just nonchalantly said… Oh, I just ground up the almonds…I just added this…I just added that….I baked them for this long…. I’d be a blubbering mess in the middle of my kitchen if I tried to create my own cookie recipe!! 🙂 Awesome post…you are a wonderful mom.. <3

  7. favorite breakfast food…cookies! This sounds like a deliciously healthy version too. The perfect accompaniment to a tall glass of milk for Aanya and me. 😉