Blackberry Long Island Mocktail : Fiesta Friday Anniversary!!

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This party is going to go on for long people! Till the party is on, the drinks are on! Let’s rock it!

With appetizers and bite size goodies, drinks are must. Though I would have loved to spike this TGIF inspired drink with vodka and gin, but kept it alcohol free for my friends who stay away from the goodies of sinful ;).

I promise to bring a cocktail later to the party and that too a gorgeous one! A super cooler!

Here is a big hurrah and a grand cheer to the successful 1 year of Fiesta Friday! Love you guys! Keep rocking it!

Let’s get the party started!

Serves : 2

Kitchen Equipments Required : Food processor, stirrer, 2 tall glasses, chopping board, knife.

Ingredients :

Blackberries : 10-12. Use mulberries if blackberries not available. You may use frozen ones too.

Sugar : 1/2 tbsp

Lemon juice : 2 tbsp

Tonic water & Ginger-ale

Crushed Ice

Lemon slices for garnish and on the side.

Method :

  1. Put black berries & sugar in the food processor and purée. Add lemon nice to it. Set aside.

  2. Take 2 tall glasses. Fill them half way with crushed ice.

  3. Pour equal quantity of blackberry purée to both the glasses. Top with equal quantity of tonic water and ginger-ale. Stir and serve chilled with lemon slices on the side.

Yes, simple pleasures of life are that simple. Cheers and enjoy with friends and family!

I hope the co-host lovely ladies Hilda and Chef Juliana like my plate of appetizers :).



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  1. That is such a beautiful drink Sonal! As someone who has downed quite a few long island ice teas, I love the idea of a non-alcoholic one for a change & such a pretty one too 😀

  2. Gorgeous mock-tail Sonal – looks stunning and the flavour combinations sound fabulous! I’m off to find Julianna and spike it with a little vodka – it’s a pardee after all!!

  3. I’ll take a double shot of vodka in mine please Sonal :). Love the blackberries. I’m so glad someone thought of music, and salsa to boot!! My favorite, love to dance 🙂

  4. Okay I don’t drink but the photographs of these cocktails are phenomenal . . . I love the dark colors and the jewel tones. Fabulous and festive. Now everybody go get drunk on them!

  5. I was wondering when someone was going to bring out the drinks! Thanks so much for making this beauty for us, Sonal! And hey, I know where Angie’s liquor cabinet is, for those of us who might want to make it a bit “stronger” 😉

  6. So good of you to bring a drink. I was beginning to get thirsty after all the delicious appetizers I have been exposed to, and how else can we toast Angie without a drink! I had hoped to bring one myself, but it isn’t ready yet, so am more than happy to try yours.

  7. Sounds positively delicious, Sonal! I’ll start with the alcohol-free one (it IS morning still for me after all)… but by 5:00 I think an added shot of Vodka will keep me partying on the Fiesta Friday all night. 🙂