Buckwheat Flat Breads / Kuttu ke Paranthe

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Kuttu ke Paranthe


{Check out the VIDEO CLIP towards the end of the recipe for detailed instructions on how to spread the flat-bread on hot pan.}

The researches say that if you are not effected with celiac disease (which means intolerance towards gluten protein found in wheat), you should not go gluten free. Since the whole grains that have gluten, are nutritionally dense and need to be consumed for their vitamins and minerals, which are not easily available in other resources.

On the other hand, our festivals ask us to steer clear of gluten for a good reason. Gluten is a complex protein and is hard in digestion. In simple language, stomach has to work hard to break it into components that can be absorbed by the body. So, my take is don’t leave Gluten Based products but give your system a break from time to time. So the Navratri fasting is a great venue to follow that school of thought.


Buckwheat is an aquired taste. When seasoned nicely, it really tastes good. Buckwheat is called Kuttu in Hindi.

This is how it is made. Do check the video clip towards the end.

Buckwheat Flat Breads / Kuttu ka Parantha

  • Servings: 1-2
  • Difficulty: easy
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Kitchen Equipments Required

a non stick pan, a mixing bowl, a flat spatula, chopping board, knife, a bowl of water, spoon


Buckwheat Flour – 1/2 cup Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour, 2 Pound

Water – 3 tbsp

Ginger – a very small piece, grated fine

Green Chili – 1, chopped fine

Cilantro leaves – handful, chopped fine

Salt to taste. I used Sendha namak (rock salt).

Fasting Spice Mix – 2 fat pinches

Oil – to pan roast


Follow the Pictorial and the Video clip attached below for full understanding.

  1. Making Dough – Take the mixing bowl. Add flour, ginger, chili, salt, spice mix to it. Mix and make a well in the center. Add water, 1 tbsp at a time and bring the flour together in dough. It will be very sticky and not pliable. That is okay. Look at the picture 1 below.
  2. Heat the pan. Apply some oil.
  3. Dip your hands in cold water. Refer pic 2 and 3.
  4. Pinch a big lemon size ball from the dough and place in the middle of your palm. See picture 4.
  5. Dip the hand in water again. Roll it gently to a smooth ball. See pic 5.
  6. Place that ball of dough in the middle of the hot pan. Reduce the heat.
  7. Dip your right hand fingers in water again. Gently, start spreading the dough outwards with your fingers, in all the sides. See the video given below.
  8. Video showing how to spread the flat breads on hot pan! Click on the IMG link below. 
  9. IMG_3517 <—– click here for video.
  10. Cook it on medium low flame for about 2 minutes. Flip it over.
  11. Apply little or more oil (to your choice). I applied very little. Press it down with spatula and cook for another 2 minutes.
  12. Flip again. Apply little oil to this side now. Flip again and press down. Cook for 1 more minute to crisp it up.
  13. It is ready. Serve it with Yogurt.



  1. The buckwheat dough cannot be made in advance and kept to worked on later. It has to be made fresh and handled then.
  2. The Buckwheat flour is dry in nature. Always serve with yogurt.


Enjoy these Buckwheat Gluten Free Flat breads at home and have a great fasting season.


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