Garlic & Parsley Yogurt Dip or Raita!

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Another of those busy morning days when I come back home hungry for lunch, almost famished and want to eat the whole world. I am missing my gym and I am not liking it. So I can’t eat the whole world and have to settle down for some good choices and filling and yumm choices.

A little bit of protein, small portion of carb, good fiber and in raw form. What better than some nibbles and a dip. So that’s what I did the other day, made a quick and hearty yogurt dip and chopped some fresh veggies, poured out some baked pita chips on my plate and all set to munch and crunch. Crunch I say because these things make crunchy noise in your mouth when you chomp on them ;).

Here is the easy peasy lemon squeazy Yogurt Dip or Raita.

Raita is an Indian word for yogurt accompaniments.

This is perfect for parties too or serve it along a good meal of pilaf and naan! Versatile ?

Serves : 1

Kitchen Equipments Required : blender, chopping board, knife, grater.

Ingredients :

Greek yogurt : 1/4 cup. You may use thick yogurt or Labaan.

Garlic : 1 clove

Lemon juice : 1 tsp

Water : 1 tbsp if needed

Parsley : 2 tbsp chopped

Carrots : 2 tbsp grated

Cucumbers : 2 tbsp grated

Salt to taste

Paprika or red chili powder : a pinch. You may use black pepper powder too.

Method :

  1. Take the blender, add yogurt, garlic and lemon juice. Add 1 tbsp or more of water if need be. Blitz for few seconds.

  2. Pour in a bowl. Add chopped parsley, grated cucumber and carrots. Add salt and paprika and mix well with a spoon.

  3. That’s it ! Ready to be devoured with the choice of drag veggies and chips.

Have fun! Eat healthy and stay healthy :).


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