Happy 100th Fiesta Friday

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{The picture for the title doesn’t do justice for what I am going to say but it sure brings cheer and makes globe a village with Buddha, Christmas Stocking, some other artifacts from other corners of the globe!}

Time flies for sure and today I won’t post a recipe, but my flowing thoughts about Fiesta Friday!

I clearly remember when Angie, The Novice Gardener announced the beginning of Fiesta Friday ! It made quite a roar amongst us who were already connected with Angie through WordPress. 


It was such a novel idea that many of us jumped on the board immediately. Angie kept the fiesta going one after the other, keeping it engaged, rewarding, encouraging and adventurous. I am sure that she herself probably didn’t know at the time, that Fiesta Friday will have its 100th party. A party that started as a block party, joined by many later and then became a huge banquet party!

A thought perceived and put in action can be so rewarding. Right Angie?

I participated in many fiestas if not all 100. Learnt so much throughout from different people in terms of plating, cooking techniques, baking endeavors, staging, prop use, camera focus, clicking and publishing with more finesse everytime!

Here is a list of uncountable number of recipes and thoughts that I took to fiesta

Last but not the least, What Fiesta Friday has done to many of us, I believe, is – Brought pelope from different parts of the world, together as a community. I met so many strangers on fiesta and we chatted, we partied, we exchanged day to day notes (sometimes), and became good friends and supporters to each other. So much so that I have so many of you on my Facebook now and that makes me so happy.

Wishing Fiesta Friday more success and good connections!

Love to all of you!




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  1. So well put! I love Fiesta Friday and I hate to miss one. I have meet so many new friends and Angie is just amazing 🙂 Happy 2016!

  2. You’ve always been a staunch supporter of FF, and I have enjoyed your dishes, posts and photography so much! I love that cute little bear the most! Happy New Year and Happy Fiesta Friday!! Pinning!

  3. Such a lovely post Sonal! Completely agree with everything you’ve written about Fiesta Friday! So many connections and friendships started from FF, Angie deserves a load of thanks for initiating FF and carrying it on! xx

  4. Sonal that is absolutely beautiful, I am a relative new comer sort of I think I came in about a year ago. I love Fiesta Friday, the global block party, a place where we all can come together and share recipes and friendship. This was so thoughtful and touching, Happy Holidays my friend,

  5. Aaw… that brought me to tears! So beautifully written, Sonal! I remember I started Fiesta Friday just to have some fun, but it’s grown to be much more than that. I will forever treasure all the connections and friendships that have come out of it, you among the very firsts. Love & hugs!

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts, Sonal! I’m sure I came across your work through Angie’s Fiesta Friday, and like you I have been enjoying those parties, learning about food and lives from all over the world. Thank you so much for inspiring us once more!
    Happy Fiesta Friday 100!
    Ginger x