Home Made Curry Spice Melange : A Holiday Giveaway from my kitchen for USA residents.

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There was a time, few years ago when I got hooked to the store bought curry masala. It was just so convenient. Add to your curry paste and the curry is ready without taking out the boxes of 6-10 spices to blend in. This was the time, when I never thought of blogging and making my own spice blends. Now I make most of my spice blends at home. And I can say that I can completely vouch for my spice blend and the market bought ones stand nowhere closer to this. I also want to mention that, I haven’t copied this from anybody else. I copyright it as mine ! I forbid anybody to use it for any commercial purpose. On the other hand, make it for your family and friends!

This was made on the special request of the guests visiting us from Brazil. They wanted some curry masala and asked Amit (my husband) where can they find it. Amit told them that he would take care of it. When he told me to buy some, I said don’t worry I will make some at home. And after sending some with them, used in my baby corn n broccoli Korma, here is the recipe that I am sharing with you all.

Since I have been dedicating my November Posts to Fellow bloggers, this one is for you Elaine ! My dear friend and a very motivated and inspiring blogger who makes her own fresh spice blends everytime and has been very kind to me :).


Find the Giveaway Winning Details at the bottom !


Ingredients :

Coriander seeds : 4 tbsp
Cumin seeds : 2 tbsp
Cloves : 1 tsp
Black pepper corns : 1 tsp
Bay leaf : 1 big
Black cardamom : 1 big
Green cardamom : 1/2 tsp
Star anise : 2
Cinnamon stick : 1 big
Dry red chillies : 8
Turmeric powder : 2 tbsp

Method :

  1. Take a big heavy bottom pan. Add all the above ingredients to it, except turmeric powder.

  2. Dry roast them on the lowest flame, while stirring occasionally for 3-5 minutes, till the spices become golden in color and give a nice aroma. Do not burn these. Switch off the flame.

  3. Cool the roasted spices to the room temperature. Then grind them fine in the coffee grinder. I do in small batches and then mix all of it.

  4. Now add the turmeric powder to the grinder and blitz 2 times to incorporate it evenly with other spices.

  5. Store in air tight container.

Uses :

  1. An excellent one stop curry spice. Now you don’t have to add 5-6 of the spices to any curry, be it Korma, be it Punjabi masala, be it rajma or be it any dal either.

  2. It’s instant since it’s roasted. Spike your noodles and flavor your breads, patties and rice with it. So multipurpose!

Give away Details

  1. It is only for USA residents. I apologize to other readers since I can’t ship it outside the country at this point, due to restrictions etc.

  2. You just have to leave a comment below to enroll. The draw is open till 10th of December 2014.

  3. I will be doing a random lucky draw of the names entered !

  4. First 3 winners will be mailed a sample of my Home Made Curry Spice Melange, absolutely free of cost! Only wordpress and Instagram responses will be counted.

Hope to see many entries! More the merrier and the game becomes more exciting. This is the must have spice blend in your kitchen if you like Curry !

Sharing it at Angie’s Fiesta Friday, co-hosted by lovely ladies Tracy and Stephanie

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  1. Homemade spice blends are always better, I wouldn’t know where to start with a curry blend though so I’m glad you shared your fab recipe! Lovely of you to do a giveaway for it too, I guess I’m lucky that I split my time between the UK and the US hehe!
    Have a great weekend Sonal

  2. Well I must say I would be super tickled to get some homemade curry spice from you Sonal, but more importantly, HAPPY FIESTA FRIDAY! Stay warm over there in Ohio and have a great weekend!

  3. I do make my own spice mixtures, but love to try new recipes all the time. Even though I live in Canada, I would like to qualify for this give-away in the name of my daughter who lives in the US. Is that OK? I will be visiting her in the near future.