Spicy Yogurt Drink/ Masala Chhachh / Mattha

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Spring is knocking around the corner. The songs of the birds and the warmth of the sun lately, reminds me that the blues are going to be left behind, to welcome the beautiful, colorful and gorgeous Spring.

I am on a sugar free and Grains Free diet until today. I started it on Monday and I am loving it. It is going to be imbibed in me, every month now. This has not only made me feel better, lighter and more in control but has empowered me with a new victory…a victory over my lust and greed for heartfelt food. I am loving it as an Empress who has been recently crowned :). Amen to that !

In the quest of eating healthy and less processed food, I made this delicious spicy Yogurt Drink yesterday and what a refreshing delightful and light drink it was. The protein and enzymes from Yogurt are not only good for your digestive system but the over all flavors of cilantro, mint and ginger was spring in my mouth. So simple, so clean, and so easy.


Here is the 2 minute Recipe for all you lovely people :).

Serves : 3
Kitchen Equipment Required : Blender

Ingredients :

Yogurt : 1 cup. I used Greek yogurt.
Water : 2&1/4 cups
Ginger : a small piece
Cilantro leaves : 3 tbsp
Mint leaves : 5-6
Rock salt or table salt : to taste
Red chili powder : 1/4 tsp
Cumin powder : 1 tsp

Method :

Put everything in the blender and blitz for few seconds till everything gets together. Pour in glasses and enjoy. You can make it in double, quantity and refrigerate for later consumption. In that case, just stir or shake well before use :).

That’s it! Off to making another round for today :).


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  1. I so love this refreshing drink! The moment you drink it you feel connected back to India wherever in the world u are! πŸ™‚