Vegetarian Thanksgiving Collective!

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A very Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

I am so thankful for the presence of wonderful people in my life, starting with my family, my husband and 2 wonderful kids, who always support me, irrespective of whatever I feed them ;). I am thankful for the friends who embraced me as theirs and made me a part of their family. I am thankful for the wonderful blogging community who is constantly supporting me in my endeavors and stand rock solid besides me. I am thankful for all the beautiful virtual friends who connected over food with me, some as readers and some as fellow bloggers and became close friends now. I am thankful for Diabetic Friendly Thursdays Team, who work selflessly with me every month, creating recipes for a cause.

Recently, I requested fellow bloggers on Facebook to contribute to the Vegetarian Thanksgiving Collective, and I was over-whelmed with the response. They all were super sweet, excited and giving. I give a big thank you to all the good spirited fellow bloggers! This collection was not possible without anyone of you.

This Collection has Starters and sides,  few Drinks of choice,  Salads of the season,  Main course,  Breads and rolls,  Chutneys,  Desserts and a Craft & Games fit for kids and adults. I am so excited about it. Please feel free to share further. With many people turning vegetarian and vegan these days, it is always nice to have some vegetarian options on the festive table of the celebrations.

Disclaimer – All the dishes posted are with the due permission of the fellow bloggers. The dishes are posted under their credit with their name by the side. The pictures posted are also by the respective bloggers.

Pointer – Click on “Orange color” Recipe Name for the recipe.

Starters  &  Sides

9, Sonal

Green Beans & Caramelized Onions with Cranberry Chutney

12, Meena

Purple Potato Salad with Grapefruit Vinaigeratte

Cranberry Sauces & Chutneys

13, Anjana

Cranberry Orange Sauce

14, Sonal

Cranberry Ginger Dates Chutney

Cranberry Ginger Dates Chutney
Cranberry Ginger Dates Chutney

Main Course

15, Loretta 

Butternut Squash & Black bean Enchiladas


16, Sonal

Spaghetti in Mushroom Sauce

Spaghetti in Mushroom Sauce

17, Suzanne

Roasted Vegetable & Manchego Tart


18, Swati

Mushroom & Quinoa Pilaf


19, Sonal

Bell Pepper Onions Cheese Quesidellas


20, Sonal

Grilled Tofu Steaks & Cauliflower Bites with Barbeque Sauce


Breads & Rolls

31, Sonal 

Classic Coffee Layered Bundt Cake


32, Julie

Orange Cup Sweet Potatoes


33, Prachi

Pumpkin Choco Spice Cake



34, Anjana

Sunrise Mocktail for kids and adults


Craft Projects and Games with Kids and Adults


Preschooler Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


Some Pinterest Ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults & Kids

Cool Krafts for Adults & Kids on PINTEREST

  1. image

Family Games for Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving Family Games



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  1. Yum! Everything looks so good. Thanks, everyone! I’m dreaming of roasted spiced sweet potatoes already, but will keep looking at everything else as I make my shopping list this morning!

  2. What a delicious dinner! And so many plates, if we all got together to have this dinner there would be way too many things to try! I’m totally obsessed with sweet potato at the moment so the first recipe I’ll be making is the sweet potato one 🙂 Thank you so much for thinking about all of us and including so many friends you’ve found along that way through blogging. XXX
    By the way, can you please edit and remove my surname 😉

  3. Sonal, Love your post and the manner in which you have brought all the recipes together! Thanks so much for including my recipe!