Holiday Shopping at your fingertips with Uncommon Goods

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Take the Stress away from Holiday Shopping. Shop with this catalog company for all your UNIQUE & PERSONALIZED GIFTS for your loved ones. It is easy to order with them, it is very convenient and it is done at your fingertips. Read along for my recommendations and picks.

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from Uncommon Goods, with due permission.
Holiday Shopping with Uncommon Goods
Holiday Shopping with Uncommon Goods. Photo Credits – Uncommon Goods
Holiday Shopping with Uncommon Goods
Holiday Shopping with Uncommon Goods

I have been talking a lot lately about slowing down during Holidays and using your time efficiently. Creating moments with family which bring actual joy and holiday cheer is very important and not that difficult. You can actually spend less time running around like a headless chicken and utilize that time with your loved ones or for yourself.

I am featuring few of my favorite picks from their variety of categories.

Unique Holiday Gift for my Teenager for Holiday Shopping

Buying Holiday gift for my teenager is the most puzzling activity to do. Teenage…ugh..nothing seems right, everything is so common and regular for them. At 13, she is looking for STUFF that is unique and not very common. Thanks to Uncommon Goods, I found quite a lot of option to pick for her. Check out my picks ⇓..

Microwave Popcorn Popper – There is never enough popcorn in the house that can make her happy. I think, this will be a great choice for the young adult who can pop the popcorn on her own and eat it too. May be share some with me .. 😉

DIY Lip Balm Kit – Lately my 13 year old is into lip balms…..a process of growing up. She loves DIYs and is always on Youtube or Pinterest, hunting for easy Lip Balm DIYs. I am sure she is going to love it and will be busy exploring over the holidays.

Make your own CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES KIT – I so want to order this one and actually I am going to order this one for her. How fun does this sound? I will gift this to her and in return will ask her to feed all the truffles to me….lol.. what? A mother deserves this, right? Well, do not judge me here.. 😀

Unique Gifts for ME or the Wife in ME for HOLIDAY SHOPPING

Hey, as I said earlier, DO NOT JUDGE ME! When I am planning and buying and packing all the beautiful gifts for kids and husband, I can pass my small list to the family to shop for me. I am a difficult person to shop for. Like my daughter, it is hard to please me with gifts. I do not want much but always looking for something useful. And if you can enrich me with useful unique kitchen gifts, I am one happy girl.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden – How wonderful it would be to grow your own herbs in these pretty jars, created by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr. They will adorn my kitchen corner and I can use these as needed. I am sure this will be a top pick for many beautiful champions in the kitchen.

Healing Stone Mugs are the perfect mugs to sip your morning tea or coffee from. These are hand thrown mugs that harness the power of healing stones. I am huge believer of healing stones and love the hues and colors of these mugs. These beautiful mugs hand crafted and designed by artist Donna Rollins.

Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils is the most adorable serving set I have come across. Shaped as a boat with two wooden paddles as serving forks, it is just phenomenal example of design and beauty. I am so crossing my fingers that the family picks this for me. It will be such a piece of conversation plus in any party.

Unique Gifts to Stuff the Stockings Holiday Shopping

Raise your hands, if you are always lost as to what to stuff those big Stockings with, hanging over the fire mantle.. Well, I am. You might think that I raise my hand for everything. Well, shopping overwhelms me, especially when I am shopping with a mission. Thanks to this boutique-ish catalog for taking my stress away. I am adding these to order, to stuff the STOCKINGS.

Make your Own HOT SAUCE KIT – YESSS…this is perfect for my husband’s stocking. He loves HOT SAUCE. I can totally see him using this and exploring to create Hot Sauce of his choice.

iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set will be awesome for my 13 year old daughter. You know how it is with kids and their phones. This accessory is so adorable. I am sure she will love it.

FLIP BOOK KIT – Awww this is soooo cute. I am sure that my 7 year old daughter who loves to create her own stories and drawings along with it, would love it. I am actually looking forward to what she comes up with. This is such a great stocking stuffer for kids.

STOCKING STUFFER for me? Well I am clueless I am going to ask my family to seek the help of SUNNY {YOUR EXPERT GIFT GUIDE}⇓⇓. They can ask this cutie to help them out to suggest gifts for me. If you are stuck at making a decision, then do seek the help of this Guide Genie.

Sunny - your holiday gift guide at Uncommon Goods
Sunny – your holiday gift guide at Uncommon Goods Click at the picture to let Sunny help you.
All the enthusiastic readers, here is a small introduction of Uncommon Goods Company. 

Uncommon Goods was started by Dave Bolotsky in 1999. The company is an online market place where creators and artisans connect with the people, looking for truly special unique goods to buy, regardless of physical distance between them. It is a VISUAL MARKET PLACE for artists of all sorts and the buyers.

The products sold at Uncommon Goods are environmentally friendly. The company is making a constant effort to make it socially responsible and more rewarding place to work for its employees. The products are either Hand-Made or are made with Recycled Material. They vouch that their products are ORGANIC.

Uncommon Goods being a CATALOG company, takes its responsibility towards environment. They have shifted most of their business online, making it E-Business. For whatever catalogs they print, they use certified paper from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The company believes in GIVING BACK to the society. AT the check out, there is an option for you to donate $1 to the charity of choice. They have donated over $1,000,000 since 2001.

Uncommon Goods is a founding member of B Corporation, which means an organization created to help customers understand the social and environmental impact of their purchases.

Do give us a feedback of your shopping experience with UNCOMMON GOODS. I am a happy customer and can vouch that Uncommon Goods is a very recognized online catalog for people who are looking for unique gifts and are committed to support small business owners and local artists.

On my Space, you will always FIND HAPPY & STAY HAPPY!

Do not forget to slow down a bit over the holidays and treat yourself with some Carrot Ginger Soup and Apple Cinnamon Cake.


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