Best Vegetable Pulav Recipes

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Best Vegetarian Pulav Recipes is a colelction of Pulavs or Pilafs Made with Basmati Rice and vegetables. Bookmark this post for your weekly meal planning or party needs. #pulav #pilaf #vegetablerpulav #rice #basmati #indianrice #pulao

Vegetable Pulav is a complete meal that is delicious, nourishing and a One Pot Preparation. It is a rice dish that has a combination of vegetables, Basmati Rice, whole spices and some other flavoring agents. The Pulav is best served with Pickles, Raita (yogurt dip) and Papad (papadoms). It tastes the best when served hot.

Best Vegetable Pulav Recipes is a colelction of Pulavs or Pilafs Made with Basmati Rice and vegetables. Bookmark this post for your weekly meal planning or party needs. #pulav #pilaf #vegetablerpulav #rice #basmati #indianrice #pulao
Best Vegetable Pulav Recipes


Pulav is commonly spelled and known as Pilaf or Pulao in many other cuisines. It is a popular dish in Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia. Though, it is a rich dish prepared with good amount of ghee or oil, but it can be prepared easily with less amount of fat .

Pulao or Pulav is naturally gluten-free. You may use brown rice to substitute Basmati Rice.

All of these recipes can be made in PRESSURE COOKER and INSTANT POT.

This is a collection that is worth bookmarking for reference purpose, when planning the weekly menu or a party.


  1. Replace Ghee with Cooking Oil or Olive Oil
  2. If a recipe calls for the use of Yogurt, then it can be skipped and adapted accordingly.
  3. When the recipe calls for milk, either substitute with equal amount of water or use plant based milk like almond milk or soy milk or may be coconut milk.
  4. For people, who are not aware of Indian Whole spices and still want to make Pulav at home, then they may use 1/2 tsp of GARAM MASALA more or MARKET BOUGHT PULAV MASALA or BIRYANI MASALA.

Restaurant Style Basmati Rice

Rice recipes are incomplete without learning how to prepare the basic BASMATI RICE perfectly. This recipe is worth learning in order to obtain perfect looking and tasting Basmati every-time.

Basmati RIce cooked perfectly, exactly how Indian restaurants would serve you. Detailed and fail-proof recipe to follow. #indianrestaurantrice #basmatirice #ricerecipes
Restaurant Style Basmati Rice Recipe

Kashmiri Pulav

This recipe is inspired by popular Kashmiri flavors. A must try for sure. You can make it for week day or weekend or for your parties as well.

Kashmiri Mix Vegetables Pulav n' Apple Mint Raita is a famous pulav form the region of Kashmir. #pulav #kashmiripulav #vegetariankashmirirecipes
Kashmiri Mix Vegetables Pulav

Jodhpuri Pulav

This is an amazing Pulav with nuts and a Royal touch. You have to try this one to know what ROYAL is.

Jodhpuri Pulav is a royal and rich preparation from Jodhpuri cuisine. It is prepared with a selection of nuts and vegetables, cooked in yogurt and other whole spices. It is a complete meal in itself. #vegetablepulav #pilaf #pulao #jodhpuripulao
Jodhpuri Pulav

Gobhi Anaar Pulav

This Pulav is for my weight conscious and figure friendly friends, created by me under the DIABETES FRIENDLY THURSDAYS.

Gobhi Anar Pulav is figure friendly rice preparation made with brown rice, cauliflower and pomogrenate pearls. #pulav #vegetablepulav #cauliflowerrecipes #brownrice #diabetesrecipe #weightwatchers
Gobhi Anar Pulav

Onion Pulav

This is one of my favorite pulao from the collection. The recipe has Vegetable Korma recipe included as well and a must try for sure.

Vegetable Korma and Onion Pulav is a delicious and delicate combination of Ingredients, Spices and Textures. Korma is a flavorful curry base with addition of vegetables or protein of choice. Onion Pulav is a delicate rice preparation made with ghee, onions and basmati rice. #vegetablemeals #indiancuisine #indianrecipes #vegetarian #korma #kurma #onion #pulav #pilaf #pulao
Vegetable Korma and Onion Pulav

Matar Pulav

You can not go wrong with this pulav. This is one recipe that is loved by all. It is an easy and simple recipe. The recipe has Instant Pot and Stove Top instructions.

Instant Pot Matar Pulav is a delicious Pulav without much hassle. It is made with green peas and basamati rice. It is a glutenfree recipe and can be easily made vegan. #instantpotrecipes #instapotrice #matarpulav #pilaf #peaspulav #glutenfreemeal #vegan #lunchideas
Matar Pulav {Peas Pilaf} Instant Pot Recipe

Tawa Pulav

Griddle or Flat Pan is Tawa in Hindi. The left over Pav-haji is used and mixed with rice to create this super delicious Rice meal.

Tawa Pulav is a famous street food from Mumbai, India. It is made withleft over pav bhaji and rice. A complete meal for sure. #pavbhaji #rice #tawapulao #tavapulao #pilaf #vegetablepulao
Tawa Pulav

Wadi and Matar Pulav

Famous Punjabi Wadi is a dried Urad Dal Nugget and is a great way to preserve protein and use it as desired. This is my mother’s favorite Pulao. Do try it.

Wadi Matar Pulav is made with dried lentil nuggets and peas. It is a popular rice preparation from Punjab households, India. #wadi #vadi #wadipulao #pulav #vegetarianpulao #vegetarianpilaf #vegetablepulav
Wadi Matar Pulav

Mint & Peas Pulav

This is another great recipe for pulav with hints of mint along with peas to make PULAV. A good recipe for SABZ KADHAI which means pan cooked mix vegetables is also included.

Mint & Peas Pulav is a delicately flavored pulao with mint. It is a delicious meal in itself. #vegetarianpulao #vegetablepulao
Mint & Peas Pulav

Vermicelli Pulav

A very different kind of pulao using small thick dry vermicelli made of refined flour/maida. It is a great recipe for meals or snack and even weekend brunch. You may pack it for lunch box also.

Vermicelli Pulav or Namkeen Javey
Vermicelli Pulav or Namkeen Javey

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In my kitchen you will always EAT HAPPY & STAY HAPPY!


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  1. In Eastern Europe, it is also a very popular dish and it is pronounced “pilav”. It is also very tasty when you fry the rice on a bit of butter before cooking it.