Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}

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Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}

Heirloom Indian Festival Desserts

Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}
Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}

Are you all ready for holy days of Navratri? Then Magaj Makhane ki Kheer is the right way to start the festival. It is an exotic gluten-free dessert and is a hidden gem from Indian Heirloom Recipes.

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Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}
Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}

The white balls on the left of the pic near the bowl are Makhana. The seeds on the right of the pic near the bowl are Magaj.
India starts the chain of festivals including Dussehera, Eid and then Diwali. The market streets are adorned and filled with sweets, food, clothes, jewelry, etc. to embrace the festival in full swing.

Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}
Magaj Makhane ki Kheer {GlutenFree Pudding}

If you are wondering what is MAGAJ and MAKHANA ? Then look below ⇓.

Magaj = Melon Seeds

Makhana = Fox nuts which is derived from the Lotus stem

I make this Kheer often during Navratri or for Dussehera . It is as rich as Rice Kheer but takes less than half the time to put it together. As promised, I always bring easy and efficient recipes to you.

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This is how to make it.

Serves : 3 to 4

Check at the bottom of the page for availability of ingredients in USA.

Kitchen Equipments Required : heavy bottom flat pan, heavy bottom sauce pan, stirrers, chopping board, rolling pin, knife, ziplock / plastic bag.

Ingredients :

Skim Milk : 3 cups

Milk powder : 2 tbsp, optional

Saffron : 1/4 tsp dissolved in 1 tbsp milk

Cardamom powder : 1/2 tsp

Makhane/foxnuts : 1 cup

Magaj : 1/4 cup

Sugar : 3 tbsp

Pistachio slivers for garnish

Magaj Makhane ki Kheer
Magaj Makhane ki Kheer

Method :

  1. Take the heavy bottom flat pan. Dry roast the foxnuts / makhane in it. Keep them aside. Now dry roast the melon seeds / magaj lightly. Don’t brown these. Keep them aside. Bring to room temperature. Put dry roasted magaj and makhane in a ziplock / plastic bag and crush them coarsely.
  2. Whisk the milk powder and Milk together, leaving no lumps. Take the heavy bottom sauce pan. Add milk to it. Bring the milk to a boil. Reduce the flame.
  3. Add crushed seeds and fox nuts to the boiling milk along with soaked saffron and cardamom powder. Simmer it on low flame for 15 odd minutes, till it reduces and thickens like a pudding. Stir often scraping from sides and bottom, so that it doesn’t burn at the bottom.
  4. Add sugar towards the end. Cook for 2 more minutes. Garnish with pistachio slivers.
  5. You may serve the kheer / pudding warm, at room temperature or cold. It still tastes awesome at three different temperatures.

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Magaj Makhana Kheer
Magaj Makhana Kheer

Do make this Magaj Makhana kheer this festival and get the accolade of your family and guests.


Happy festivities and feasting!


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  1. What a gorgeous dish, Sonal! I find it hard to believe that something that pretty could be easy to prepare. 🙂 It sounds delicious, too!

  2. Sounds very easy and also so exotic. I’ve never hear of foxnuts or melon seeds, well I know melon has seeds but not sure that is what this is. It really does sound fantastic and creamy and delicious.