Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

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Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}
Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

I hear that some parts of the world are already getting beaten up by Summer Heat. I guess that is right, since Mangoes have made their appearance much earlier this year. Have you sighted the ripe mangoes yet in your markets? Yes? No? Well, for those yes, Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry} gets no excuse to be tried and tested in your kitchen. And for all those Nos, it is coming up soon…just hang in there..just a matter of time.

I had posted a teaser of Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry} on my Instagram and Facebook yesterday. People loved it but I didn’t get a feedback of anybody relating to it besides some oooohsss and aaahhhhs and wowwwsss. This is such a rustic traditional curry, it amazes me how not many people know about it.

Well anyways, sometimes it is good, since now I can take that torch to introduce this perfect UMAMI to the whole audience. And do you want to know the best secret – pssstt.. IT REQUIRES NO COOKING! Yes you heard it right…zilch cooking..nada..absolutely ZERO….

Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}
Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

I grew up in India and summers were special not because of the summer break but because of the MANGOES. In India alone, there are almost 283 types of mangoes, out of which only 30 are well know. If you ask me, my most favorite Mango or Aam (as called in Hindi) is humble and most taken for granted – Duseheri. Few of my other favorites are Chausa, Safeda and Langda.

I remember, there was this huge metal tub my grandmother had. Whenever we had over-flowing mangoes at home, my grandmother would fill that tub with room temperature water and dunk all the extra mangoes in there. 30-35 odd years back, when I was a little girl, joint families had only 1 refrigerator and of standard size which was enough only to refrigerate milk and dairy products or any perishable leftovers. My mother still purchases produce for 1 day unlike me who buys for the whole entire week.

I grew up eating Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry} in my paternal household, during summers. It is served chilled with the side of Chana Dal Paranthas (gram stuffed flat breads) and sometimes besan (gram) and onion paranthas.

I have never eaten anything like that. It is sooo simple to make with only few ingredients and comes together in almost a jiffy.

I promise this is going to be a delight for all the MANGO LOVERS out there. It is the perfect thing to enjoy during summers. It can be used for dipping or as a main curry with balancing flavors of sweet spicy tart and salty. It can be enjoyed as is without any side of rice or flat breads. Just scoop in a spoon and devour.

Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}
Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

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This is how to make this!

Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}
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Ripe Mango Panna {No Cooking Cold Mango Curry}

Cold Mangoes curried and prepared in not time. An authentic rustic curry that requires no cooking.
Course Main
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 8
Author Sonal Gupta @ simplyvegetarian777


  • Mango - 4 medium size that are fully or rather over-ripe and slightly squishy to touch.
  • Mint Leaves - 2 large sprigs or 15-15 leaves chopped fine
  • Coriander / Cilantro leaves - 1 tbsp chopped fine


  • Sugar powdered - 1/4 cup or to taste
  • Rock Salt / Pink Himalaya Salt - 1&1/2 tsp or to taste. You may use regular table salt instead
  • Red Chili powder - 1/2 tsp or to taste
  • Roasted Cumin powder - 1&1/2 tsp see below for easy method to make roasted cumin powder


Making Roasted Cumin powder

  • Heat a heavy bottom pan and add 1 tbsp of cumin seeds to it. Roast these cumin seeds in the pan on medium low heat for about 3 minutes, till they change the color slightly. Make sure to not roast on high heat and do not burn them. Once slightly golden, take them off the heat and transfer to a dry bowl or plate. Once at the room temperature, grind it coarsely either with rolling pin or with pestel and morsel or in spice grinder. Store in air tight conatiner.

Making Ripe Mango Panna

  • Wash the mangoes and squish them more with your hands from all around (without removing the skin). They should become very loose from inside.
  • Take a large bowl. Cut open the top of the mango slightly where its stem is.
  • Squeeze out the mango pulp and pit of the mango into the bowl. Squeeze till all the pulp is out. Tear it open and scrape any left over pulp from inside.
  • Repeat with all the mangoes.
  • Now scrape all the pulp off the pits of the mangoes. Take the pit out and discard.
  • Add all the sugar and spices as mentioned above to the mango pulp in the bowl. Stir to mix.
  • Take the hand blender and run it through the pulp roughly so that all the fiber is roughly dissolved and the spices are mixed well.
  • Add mint and cilantro/coriander leaves to the MANGO PANNA. Stir well.
  • Let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.
  • Serve it Chilled.


In my kitchen, you will always eat happy and stay happy!


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  1. Namaskaram Sonal, you are so right – the Mangoes have arrived by the truck loads in the Supermarkets and especially along the High- and Byways 🙂 :). This curry is a complete new one for me – so I have to give it a try. Will let you know later, ok. Thanks for posting this. And, btw. Happy Easter! (and since it is Vishu today – just in case: Happy Vishu!) – Carina

  2. Is this like a chilled fruit soup? I did see it in IG and thought ooohhh ahhhh along with the others but had no idea what it was. I love mangoes and had no idea there were so many varieties. I know India is famous for its delicious mangoes and have only had them in a can from India. That would work for this as well in a pinch when they are not in season

    1. Suzanne,
      Yes you guessed it right! It’s like chilled fruit soup like is really very neat and I am assuming that you will like the flavors of cumin mint and chili in it!!
      The canned mango pulp will work as fantastic… you may actually use any over ripe Mango for this!!