Tiramisu Sundae

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Tiramisu Sundae

Tiramisu Sundae

Tiramisu Sundae
Tiramisu Sundae

Don’t mind me if you do, but if you choose to, then please do mind me, if you wish to. Lol.. I was trying to create a tongue twister. Did it work? The twister originated for a reason. It is brrrrrr cold winter out there and I am making Sundaes. You might think that I have lost my mind here. The matter of the fact is that Texas weather is bizarre this year, it is cold one day and super warm the next. Shunting between cold and warm, there is a moment when the heart slips for something decadent, delicious, yummy and something that doesn’t require labor. Tiramisu Sundae is one such DESSERT, that is assembled on that demand of the moment.

It is quick, it is easy, it is ready to assemble and it is presented to be devoured in no time. It is wonderful, how few regular mundane ingredients can be put together to create an amazing dessert. This is the perfect time to put it together since it is weekend and Valentine’s day is just next week.

Tiramisu Sundae
Tiramisu Sundae

Why am I calling it “TIRAMISU” Sundae? Well, the answer is pretty simple. I have used Italian Lady Fingers (soft cake like cookies), coffee, coffee ice cream, chocolate and Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries to put this together.

Tiramisu is an Italian Dessert, that is coffee rich, creamy with delicate mascarpone cheese and then chilled to set for perfect serving. I picked up few components of the Dessert and incorporated to make this Sundae. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy. Right?

Tiramisu Sundae
Tiramisu Sundae

Have you ever paid attention that all my desserts, well most of them, are single portion servings. I am a huge fan of single portions. These small portions are personalized and let you stop when you finish your portion and leave you satisfied. This is called Method Eating (?), if I may say so.

To top it all, it saves you time from cutting and serving and making a huge mess in between. I am an OCD, when it comes to messy kitchen, so it works perfect for me. When I have guests over, I mostly plan on such desserts since it saves me time also at that point. Just take out from the refrigerator and serve. Efficient…Efficient…Efficient..

Tiramisu Sundae
Tiramisu Sundae

Some all time SINGLE PORTION DESSERT hits from my blog are – Mock Chocolate Tiramisu , Mango Custard Caramel Pudding , Quick Trifle Pudding , No Bake Cheesecake , Mocha Express Pudding and many more.

Check out this fabulous Berry Tiramisu from my dear friend Anjana, on her blog – Happy & Harried !

I have to tell you that I am not going to give you an exact recipe for that but a canvas of a recipe to paint it which ever way you like it. You can add or subtract how ever you want in this Sundae. You can serve in a small bowl, tall glass, wine glass, or chai glass (as I have used) and add nuts or more fruits to it.

Here is how you make it!

Tiramisu Sundae
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Tiramisu Sundae

Tiramisu Sundae is a fusion dessert combining the elements of Italian Dessert Tiramisu and serving as a Sundae.
Course Dessert
Cuisine Italian Fusion
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 4
Author Sonal Gupta @ simplyvegetarian777


  • Lady Fingers {soft cookies} - 10-12 . If you do not find these cookies use vanilla sponge cake.
  • Instant Coffee Powder - 1/2 tbsp
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • Milk - 2 tbsp
  • Coffee Flavored Ice Cream - 4-8 scoops softened as desired
  • chocolate or/and Vanilla Ice cream - few scoops softened
  • Whipped Cream - 1/4 cup learn hot to make it at home if you do not get ready in the market
  • Strawberries or other berries and fruits
  • Chocolate bar for shavings as garnish or coco powder.


Make Coffee

  • Heat 1 cup of water and add instant coffee powder and milk to it. Set aside.

Making whipped cream at home if you can not buy from the market

  • Take 1/2 cup heavy cream and add few drops of vanilla essence and 1 tbsp powdered sugar to it. Beat it with electric beater for about 3-4 minutes on high till it fluffs up and comes together leaving trails in the cream. Be careful not to make butter out of it. For best results, chill the bowl and the blade attachment of the electric beater in freezer for 15 minutes before using. It gives great qualty of whipped cream with ease.

Assembling the Tiramisu Sundae

  • Take the dessert bowl or glass of your choice.
  • Tear the Lady fingers (Italian cookies) into rough pieces and place them at the bottom of the bowl or glass. You may make this layer thin or thick, as desired.
  • Pour 2 tbsp coffee on top of the cookies to make them soft. Press them down with spoon, firmly.
  • Add a scoop or 2 of Coffee Ice cream and then some vanilla or chocolate ice cream.
  • Add a dollop of whipped cream on top.
  • Shave some chocolate on top of the cream, with the help of vegetable peeler or sprinkle some coco powder.
  • Place the fruits on top.
  • Either serve it immediately or cover and freeze for later.


To make it more adult friendly, you may add Kahlua or Coffee liquor in the coffee.
To make it more kids' friendly, add chocolate drink instead of coffee to soak the cookies. Also, skip the coffee and just use the ice cream of their choice.


Isn’t this simple and amazing? I loved and enjoyed every bit of it.

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Tiramisu Sundae
Tiramisu Sundae

In my kitchen, you will always EAT HAPPY & STAY HAPPY!


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